A listener writes

Hey Jay,

This is your frequent requester Elliott, bartender down at Hambone’s on Saturday afternoons. I’m just writing to thank you for your radio show for multiple reasons. First off, the “gang” as you like to call are old enough to remember Mad Mike’s radio show and look forward to your show as much as they did Mike’s way back when.

Secondly, as owner and my boss, once said a few weeks ago moments before your show began, “Here we are, the one bright spot I can rely on every week in this sh-t-stain life.” And it’s that quote that’s stuck because frankly, with the CMU Football season in full effect and station shake-ups with new students/DJs, we’d like to know when your radio show airs now.

As a young buck, your show is a reminder of an era of radio I never knew and think it could be once again had Clinton not de-regulated media. I thank you for the constant introductions to new (old) music, the original/politically-jabbing skits and for packing my bar with old men every single Saturday from the hours of noon to 3pm in which Hambone’s goes by 1962 standards and all TVs are turned off so that the radio can be blasted for “Radio 9’s Jay Thurber Show on Double-Your-R-C-T” (no, really, this actually happens every week for your show; I sh-t you not).

Dear Elliott:

It’s very flattering to learn that our little show has made such an impact on your group, but have your customers considered getting help? There are several good mental health professionals available who might be able to offer group discounts.

I keed! I keed!

Yes, Carnegie Mellon football will result in disruptions over the next few weeks, but fear not — we’ve got a full three-hour show coming this Saturday, Sept. 17, and except for football pre-emptions, we’ll be back on the air every Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m., doing whatever the hell it is we do.

Your radio pal,

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