Fourth of July Weekend picnic!

We’re pleased to report that our annual Radio 9 Fourth of July Weekend picnic will return this Saturday, after a several year absence due to an unfortunate inability to obtain liability insurance.

Because of outstanding warrants and several as-yet unsettled lawsuits in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties related to our previous Fourth of July picnics, this year’s picnic will be held in Washington County, on the grounds of the South Monessen Volunteer Fire Department, which is near the intersection of County Road 7A and SR 17079, just past the border of Elco and Roscoe.

WRCT-TV’s Roy Molehill has helpfully provided these directions:

If you’re heading there from Dunlevy, go south on Route 88. When you pass the place where the Texaco station used to be, go about two blocks until you see that one gray and white house (not the one with the porch, the other one) and then turn left onto the third alley, which becomes County Road 7A once the pavement ends.

Then you drive about 1 mile, being careful to avoid the coal trucks, which have the right of way and under South Monessen Borough ordinance are not required to stop for oncoming cars.

The fire hall is on the right. You’ll see a small plywood sign that says “No Trespassing,” but go ahead and drive past it. If you get to the sediment pond, you went too far and will have to back up.

The gates will open at 12 and will be locked securely behind you at 12:15. The fireworks start at 2 p.m. More information is available here.

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