A tribute to a great statesman

And now, our tribute to one of Pennsyltucky’s great statesmen, the pride of Butler County, Pa., as originally heard Sept. 26, 2015 on “Radio 9.”

Lives in a cul-de-sac in Cranberry,
Bashed him a gay when he was only three,
Got a red neck underneath his hair,
With a mind as narrow as his crew-cut is square.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! His brain is tightly shut!

Mexicans and Muslims, he abhors,
He’s a one-man army in the culture wars,
Guns and God are the things he likes,
And please don’t ask about teacher strikes.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! Stands up to the little guy!

He says Obamacare’s a commie plot
So the U-N can take all the guns we got
He thinks Planned Parenthood is quite obscene,
But it’s OK for you to own an A-R 15.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! Says ready, fire, aim!

He fought to require a voter I-D
To preserve the freedoms of whites like me
Sure, it might be rough for a minority
That’s the price they pay in the land of the free.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! Friend of the straight white male!

Well, the voters up in Butler, they all say,
You can’t be an immigrant, a liberal or gay,
If you wanna keep living the American Way,
Just don’t dare compare us to the K-K-K.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! The man who feeds on fear!

He’s served Pennsylvania for many a year,
And whenever election time draws near,
Democrats ask, “Will they vote him out?”


But he’ll be re-elected, without a doubt.

Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! We get what we deserve.
Daryl — Daryl Metcalfe! We get what we deserve.

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