Capsule Movie Review: “Shaun the Sheep Movie”

Despite not having children, we went to see the “Shaun the Sheep​ Movie.” We were looking for something lighthearted and silly.

Capsule Review: I’m not familiar with the TV show that the “Shaun the Sheep Movie” is based on, but I don’t see how that matters. It’s not a deep story; even addled oldies DJs can follow it.  It’s produced by the U.K.’s Aardman Animation — the same people who did “Wallace and Gromit” and “Chicken Run.”

The humor is a mix of gentle British whimsy and outright slapstick — it’s kind of like “Mr. Bean” crossed with the Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons.

And just like Mr. Bean, the sheep don’t talk. (I mean, they’re sheep, right?) Instead, they just “baa” everything and have to act out their ideas.

It’s truly funny. There’s some very, very mild potty humor. (A couple of burps and farts.) The sight gags are impressive; so is Aardman’s stop-motion animation, as always. The sheep have to communicate to the audience through facial expressions, body language and hand gestures.

It’s so nice to see an animated movie that doesn’t depend on celebrity voices, pop-culture references, or ironic winks at the audience. If you love traditional animation, you will get several good belly laughs. Small kids will like the “Shaun the Sheep Movie,” but adults will like it, too — especially adults who grew up with “Looney Tunes” or who enjoyed “Wallace and Gromit.” Spoiler: Stick around until the end of the credits.

This movie is dying at the U.S. box office, so if you want a private big screen showing, don’t hesitate to go. Three out of four stars. Uncle Jay says “check it out.”

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