Capsule Movie Review: “Trainwreck”

We saw “Trainwreck” last night.

Capsule review: It’s clearly not for people who are easily offended by sex or bathroom humor.

If you think Amy Schumer’s funny (I think she’s hilarious), you will howl. She gets more out of an eye roll, or a shrug, or an out-of-the-side-of-her-mouth throwaway line than almost anyone since Jack Benny.

She does a great job playing people who are acting dumb to try and fly below everyone’s expectations, which is what makes it so unexpected when those same people you’ve thought were dumb get the better of you — or shiv you between the ribs.

Bill Hader, who plays her love interest, can’t really act, but he does a good exasperated “every man” shtick which works here.

For me, the real surprise of “Trainwreck” was LeBron James (yes, the LeBron James), who gets some of the funniest scenes and has great timing. He plays a basketball player who also happens to be named LeBron James, but who is an enormous tightwad (he splits checks and drives 45 minutes to pick up a $30 pair of sunglasses) and uptight moralist.

The movie’s too long and in the middle, it meanders a bit, but it otherwise does a good job balancing comedy with drama, and even though you can predict the ending from 20 minutes away, it’s still funny.

A solid B. Uncle Jay says “Check it out.”

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