Show notes, Feb. 25, 2012

Remember, the Coolidge Radio Journal is a production of the Coolidge Institute for Public Opinion Research, a non-profit, non-partisan, completely unbiased think-tank that generates free-market ideas for electing Republicans to office.

New music heard recently on Radio 9:

  • Q Morrow: “Who Am I?” from the album “All Around Dude”
  • The Black Keys: “Lonely Boy” from the album “El Camino”
  • Frank Macchia: “Funky Grease Bucket” from the album “Swamp Thang”
  • Bill Frisell: “Revolution” from the album “All We Are Saying…”
  • Jeff Gauthier Goatette: “Joy of a Toy” from the album “Open Source”
  • Charlie Haden and Hank Jones: “Down By The Riverside” from the album “Come Sunday”
  • Tito Carrillo: “Truth Seeker” from the album “Opening Statement”
  • Imported Goodz: “You Make Me Smile” from the album “Ready. Set. Go!”
  • Jonathan Coulton: “Nemeses” from the album “Artificial Heart”

Jay’s Pick to Click: “All We Are Saying…” by Bill Frisell

Jay's Pick to Click: "All We Are Saying ..."
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