Underwriting needed for WRCT

You may have heard the announcement, “Send your generous cash donation to Jay Thurber, care of WRCT, Pittsburgh.” That’s a joke recorded by a friend of the show, former WQED-TV announcer Glenn Tryon, who also does many of the other announcements you hear during the show.

BUT: All seriousness aside, Radio 9 lost its only underwriter recently. WRCT doesn’t have pledge drives, but it does need financial support.

If you or your business would like to get your message announced during Radio 9 (or another WRCT show), please contact me, or email Eden Weingart directly at pr@wrct.org.

Underwriting on WRCT is very affordable and it does reach an audience that otherwise doesn’t hear commercial messages. It’s a great opportunity for:

  • small start-up companies,
  • home-based businesses,
  • stores,
  • restaurants,
  • unions,
  • school groups,
  • churches,
  • and other organizations that need promotion, but can’t afford a lot of advertising.

For instance: Are you doing income tax preparation right now? If you underwrite on WRCT, we’ll announce your name and contact information.

Is your church or fire department having a lenten fish fry? In exchange for a small donation (and maybe some fish sammiches!), WRCT can make sure to announce that as well.

Anyway: Thanks for supporting WRCT!

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