CQ cartoon, Feb. 2023

CQ Amateur Radio Magazine, Feb. 2023

From time to time, for my monthly cartoons in CQ Amateur Radio Magazine, I draw a “dubious moment in radio history.” It’s almost always based on some actual momentous occasion, but with a dumb anachronistic punchline.

For instance, in 2012, a Georgetown law student testified to Congress in favor of legal access to birth control. Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Dozens of sponsors pulled their advertising from his show.

I quickly drew a cartoon for CQ‘s then-sister publication, Popular Communications, which depicted legendary old-time radio announcer Graham McNamee getting in trouble in the 1930s for referring to a woman who wore trousers as a “harlot”:

Popular Communications magazine, June 2012

I thought it was a pretty obvious joke that everyone would get until someone emailed me and asked, “Did Graham McNamee really do that?” Oops.

Anyway, the first live play-by-play of a hockey game did happen on Feb. 8, 1923, over Toronto’s CFCA. A reporter for the Toronto Star, Norman Albert, described the third period of a game at the old Mutual Street Arena between two Ontario Hockey Association clubs, Midland and North Toronto. (History records that North Toronto gave Midland a 16-4 thumping.)

I couldn’t find any photos of Norman Albert, so I based the announcer in the cartoon on Foster Hewitt, the original host of “Hockey Night in Canada” on radio and TV, and a contemporary of Albert’s.

In real life, according to the 99% Invisible podcast, the “bleep” tone to censor naughty words was actually invented in the 1950s.

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