How to spot fraudulent vaccination cards

As businesses and events re-open, some say they will require employees or visitors to have their COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Now, police in several states are reporting that counterfeit vaccination cards are being sold on the Internet.

What are some signs that you have a fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination card?

“CDC” is spelled wrong

Card is printed on the back of a Burger King placemat

Instead of “Pfizer,” “Moderna” or “Janssen,” product is described as “one of them Fauci ouchies”

Instructions on card are in English, Spanish and Klingon

Card has holes punched in it and entitles bearer to a free 6-inch sub after five more COVID-19 vaccinations

Card is sticky and smells faintly of Topps bubble gum

Back of card lists bearer’s horoscope, lucky numbers and weight

Card doesn’t have authentic laser hologram image of winking Joe Biden

Card includes spaces to list other shots for rabies, distemper and heartworms

Reminder message says, “Return for your second dose … if you dare!”

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