Trump, Trump, Trump ’til our grandkids take the car keys away

News item:

It will be fun, fun, fun under the California sun for many well-heeled attendees at today’s Donald Trump fundraiser in Newport Beach — the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday morning that the Beach Boys would be the main attraction performing for the president and his supporters at the Orange County campaign event, with tickets ranging from $2,800 per donor to $150,000 a couple for co-chair status. As hardcore Beach Boys fans know, the group booked for the tony fundraiser is a licensed touring edition led by Love, who has not been shy about appearing with Trump in the past. (Variety)

I’ve written some new lyrics for Mike Love to sing to President Trump the next time he performs for him. I hope he likes ’em.


Off the Palm Beach parkway
There’s a place I want to stay
That’s where I always like to go
To hide away from the law
Golf balls in the sand
Charbroiled hamberder in my hand
It costs the taxpayers a hundred grand
Every time I want to go
Down to Mar-a-Lago

Sloop John B:

My oldest son, he’s a joke
He snorted up all my coke
Secret Service man came and took him away
A.G. Bill Barr
A disappointment you are
Why won’t you go and
Arrest Sleepy Joe?

In My Room:

There’s a place
Where I can go
And crackpot theories spew
It’s Fox News (It’s Fox News)
It’s Fox News (It’s Fox News)
On this channel I can block out
Real facts and views
It’s Fox News (It’s Fox News)
It’s Fox News (It’s Fox News)

Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had COVID
And we didn’t have to talk to gays?
And wouldn’t it be nice if we banned Muslims
And those Blacks and women knew their place

Good Vibrations:

I’m gettin’ heart palpitations
Over my tax investigations
(Fraud bop-bop) investigations
(No bop-bop) explanations
(Fraud bop-bop) investigations
(No bop-bop) explanations
Ah, Russia, Switzerland, Deutsche Bank
I don’t know where but my bank book’s there

Help Me, Rhonda:

Since you came around my legal hassles won’t go down
I thought you were a genius
But you’re really just a drunken clown
Now, Rudy, you talk so tough
But your bullsh-t isn’t nearly enough
You gotta help me Rudy
Help me stay out of the pen

I Get Around:

Round, round, spread around
I spread around
Yeah, COVID 19
I spread around
Won’t wear a mask
Don’t even ask
My rallies leave a mess
Of respiratory distress
I don’t wanna stay in D.C. and do my job
I gotta pay my debts to the Russian mob

Little Deuce Coupe:

Well, I’m not bragging but she’s really stacked
I lust for her body and that’s a fact
If she wasn’t my daughter, she could be my wife
And I wish that nerd Jared wasn’t in her life
She’s my hot blonde daughter
And she’s all that I got

And, of course, Heath Kit and the Beach Bums (or was it Beach Nuts? He keeps changing the name) have their own song: