Show notes: Feb. 4, 2012

It’s new! It’s nifty! It’s from the Neville Island Toy Co.!

It’s “Reassessment: A Game The Whole County Can Play“!

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New music this week:

  • The Black Keys – “Money Maker” from El Camino
  • Tito Carrillo – “Blaise on Fire” from Opening Statement
  • Frank Macchia – “Funky Grease Bucket” from Swamp Thang
  • Bill Frisell – “Come Together” from All We Are Saying …
  • Greg Rekus – “The High Cost of Low Prices” from The Dude Abides
  • 11 Acorn Lane – “Happy As Can Be” from Swing Thing
  • Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions – “Etnik” from Night Rider

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Jay’s Pick to Click

Frank Macchia’s Swamp Thang

The lyrics to “You’re a Mean One, Jeffrey Romoff”

As heard on WRCT’s “Radio 9”: You’re a Mean One, Jeffrey Romoff (download MP3)

New lyrics copyright © 2011 Jay Thurber. A parody sung to the tune of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” lyrics by Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel and music by Albert Hague, © 1966 Dr. Seuss Enterprises LP, all rights reserved. (Song parodies are protected speech under the case Irving Berlin et al. v. E.C. Publications, Inc.)

You’re a mean one, Jeffrey Romoff:
And your soul is full of dross!
You’re a bully to your patients, to your nurses and your docs,
Mr. Romoff —
Why you’ve even made us feel sorry (almost) for Blue Cross!

You’re a tyrant, Jeffrey Romoff:
You’re a greedy, grabbing thug!
You brook no competition, and you crush it like a bug,
Mr. Romoff —
I would have to say, in my considered opinion, that you are about as attractive as a diarrhetic stinkbug!

You’re a scoundrel, Jeffrey Romoff:
You’ve put Pittsburghers in hock!
You built fancy new pavilions in Italy and Monroeville,
Mr. Romoff —
And then you went ahead, turned around and gave the finger to the poor, working-class slobs on the South Side and Braddock!

You’re annoying, Jeffrey Romoff;
You’re a cruel, conniving clown!
You’ve bought off the politicians, like you bought up Oakland-town,
Mr. Romoff —
Why, I find it very disappointing that you were able to corrupt Patrice King Brown!

You’re a tycoon, Jeffrey Romoff;
Who gets rich off others’ sweat!
Your collusion and coercion are putting us in debt,
Mr. Romoff —
And if you succeed in finally driving West Penn Allegheny out of business, my fear is that rather than having a primary care physician, all I will be able to afford instead of a checkup is a flea dip and a de-worming and maybe getting my toenails trimmed at the local vet!

You’re a monster, Jeffrey Romoff;
With a monstrous monopoly!
We need a man like Teddy Roosevelt to bust it down to size,
Mr. Romoff —
I would say the four letters that best describe the 99 percent being crushed by the 1 percent of corporate greed in Pittsburgh are U – P – M – C!

Jan. 7, 2012: Classy as Gary Busey!

Luckily, we don’t have any advertisers to offend:
Southland Cadillac, Century III (MP3)

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Playlist available at the WRCT website. New this week:

  • “Bedroom Eyes” by Dum Dum Girls from “Only In Dreams”
  • “Heroes and Villains” by The Beach Boys from “The SMiLE Sessions”
  • “Floats and Balloons” by 11 Acorn Lane from “Happy Holy Days”
  • “Let it All Hang Out” by 11 Acorn Lane from “Swing Thing”
  • “Jackie Blue” by AM & Shawn Lee from “Celestial Electric”
  • “Blaise on Fire” by Tito Carrillo from “Opening Statement”

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Jay’s Pick to Click: 

Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger
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Show notes, Dec. 24, 2011

Thus ends my chances to become the new spokesman for a certain large Pittsburgh hospital system: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Romoff

New music this week:

  • “Smart” by Girl in a Coma from “Exits & All the Rest”
  • “Winter Sun” by AM & Shawn Lee from “Celestial Electric”
  • “Caught in One” by Dum Dum Girls from “Only In Dreams”
  • “Black Sea” by Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions from “Night Rider”
  • “Happy as Can Be” by 11 Acorn Lane from “Swing Thing”
  • “Heroes and Villains” by The Beach Boys from “The SMiLE Sessions”
  • “Cat Skillz” by Beats Antique from “Elektrafone”

Jay’s Pick to Click:

Show notes, Nov. 12, 2011

Hey! Do you like classic television shows?

Then tune into WRCT-TV Retro TV for great episodes of “Statefeld” and “The End Zone!” They’re on weeknights, at least until the lawyers get through with us.

WRCT Retro TV: Statefeld and The End Zone

Only on WRCT Retro TV! (Channel 9.2 in Pittsburgh, cable channel 13.0 in State College.)

– – –

New music this week:

  • Gaby Moreno, “Mess Up a Good Thing” from Illustrated Songs
  • Ambrose Akinmusire, “Confessions” from When the Heart Emerges Glistening
  • Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors, “Maybe, Baby” from Help Me Mama!
  • News, “Ooh La La” from Hot Off the Press

– – –

Jay’s Pick to Click
Maybe Baby,” Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors

Homecoming^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H kee … key … ca … clo … weekend

Hey! Are you coming to Homecoming Weekend sorry, “Ceilidh Weekend” at CMU? Stop by the WRCT Community Broadcast Center (located in the concrete-reinforced basement of the University Center, between the Dumpsters and dishwashers) and say hello to Jay Thurber during the football game.

While “Radio 9” will be reduced to only a few minutes due to Tartans football coverage, Jay will be manning the controls behind the scenes from 12 to 3 p.m., trying desperately to fool people into thinking that he has any idea what’s going on.

P.S.: The Tartans are going for their all-time 500th win this Saturday as they host the Washington University Bears in CMU’s annual Homecoming … sorry, Ceilidh Weekend game.

Show notes, Sept. 17, 2011

Today we celebrated Carnegie Mellon University’s new campus in Rwanda by debuting this new song by Heath Kit & The Sidetones:

New music this week was from:

. . .

Jay’s Pick to Click: No Regrets” by Gaby Moreno

CMU football pre-emptions

One of the prices of having a show on a college-run radio station is that you have to make sure you do things for the students at the college — whose student activities fees are supporting the radio station!

With that in mind, we get pre-empted from time to time for sports and other events. Fall is especially bad, because the CMU Tartans football team generally plays on Saturday afternoons.

We hope you’ll tune in for CMU football on WRCT, your home of Tartans sports since 1949. And don’t forget that Your Radio Pal, Jay Thurber, does the half-time shows!

Otherwise, here’s the schedule. We’re completely pre-empted on Sept. 24 and Oct. 24, and we’ve got shortened shows on Oct. 1 and 22 and Nov. 5 and 12.

  • Fri., Sept. 16 @ Catholic University, 7 p.m.
  • Sat., Sept. 24 @ Kenyon College, 12 noon
  • Sat., Oct. 1 @ Hiram College, 1 p.m.
  • Sat., Oct. 8, home vs. Ohio Wesleyan University, 6 p.m.
  • Sat., Oct. 22 @ Wittenberg University, 1 p.m.
  • Sat., Oct. 29, home vs. Washington University (CMU HOMECOMING), 12 noon
  • Sat., Nov. 5 @ University of Chicago, 1 p.m. (12 noon CST)
  • Sat., Nov. 12, home vs. Case Western Reserve University, 2 p.m.

June 18, 2011

There was a story recently in the Pittsburgh Puppy-Trainer about WMBS radio in Uniontown, which fired one of its talk show hosts who was critical about the natural gas drilling industry.

Coincidentally … or maybe not … WMBS had just started running a weekly two-hour talk show paid for by the natural gas drilling industry.

So why shouldn’t a non-profit radio station cash in, too? Here’s WRCT’s newest show, all about the gas-drilling industry.

“Gas Talk” with Frick and Frack, the Tapping Brothers

This week’s playlist is posted at the WRCT website.

New music this week included:

This week’s pick to click is in honor of former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner:

“Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)” — Perry Como
This Week's Pick to Click